About us

ECO CHARM is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified professional organization having expertise in the field of pollution control and experts in their own field. With our Qualified, experienced Environmental scientist and Engineers we are committed to provide services in the field of Environmental Engineering. Technical experts are available to provide solutions for any environmental problems arising out of pollution and to prevent any pollution. We manufacture, maintain and after sale service for effluent treatment plants, sewage treatment plants and Bio Medical waste Management facilities.


Design, Development and installation of pollution control Equipments. Experienced Technical and scientific personnel to conduct environmental impact assessment studies for any industrial project. Analysis of water, solids, air and causes of their pollution and solutions to these problems

Quality policy

  • Ecocharm is committed to preserve the environment for the next generation.
  • Ecocharm is determined to emerge as a leader in the field of Pollution Control Projects and Equipments. We will attain Customer Satisfaction by delivering Quality Service on time and meeting the requirements of Customers fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • We will Continuously improve the QMS effectiveness by setting objectives and targets with effective team work of our employees.

Business Associate of SINTEX

For all sub-ground structures of M/s. SINTEX Industries Limited, India manufactured in collaboration with M/s. Aqua Nishihara Corporation, Japan is provided solution for Residential, Commercial & PWD requirements.

  • 1) Anaerobic – STP
  • 2) Aerobic – STP
  • 3) Biogas – STP
  • 4) Under Ground Water Tank
  • 5) Septic Tank


All these sub-ground structures are approved by Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) is Technical Wing of the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, and deals with the matters related to urban water supply and sanitation including solid waste management in the country.

Authorized Business Partner for KROFTA ENGINEERING LIMITED

For all the products of KROFTA ENGINEERING LIMITED (KEL) India an MNC started in 1983 with technical collaboration with Krofta Technologies Corporation, USA. They are world leaders in Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers.


  • 1) Our factory is situated in 25000 sq.ft land with 10,000 sq.ft built up area with all modern facilities to manufacture pollution control system.
  • 2) Design and development division - Fabrication and Development facilities.
  • 3) Good contact with local Government and Pollution Control Departments.

Our services

  • 1) Environmental Management Plan.
  • 2) Sewage Treatment Plants (STP).
  • 2) Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP).
  • 4) Air Pollution Control System – All Types of Scrubbers, etc.
  • 5) Odor Control System.
  • 6) Design of Waste Water treatment plants on EPC basis.
  • 7) Demineralization Plants (DM Plants).
  • 8) Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plants.
  • 9) Electrical Evaporators.
  • 10) Solid Waste Management (Organic & Inorganic).
  • 11) Desalination plants based on Reverse osmosis.
  • 12) Mechanical Evaporators (all types).
  • 13) Incinerators for bio – medical wastes.
  • 14) Bio Energy Generation from Organic Waste.
  • 15) V.O.C Analysis & Control Measures.
  • 16) Legal Aspects related to environmental problems.
  • 17) ISO 14001 & OHSAS Consultations.
  • 18) ISO Consultations.
  • 19) Operation & Maintenance of ETP, STP, APC, UF & RO Plants.
  • 20) Water Recycle System.
Our Clients